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Ash Presentation Frame (shown with Ebony finish).  

The Bespoke Ash moulding used to manufacture this deep presentation frame is sourced direct from a Cumbrian Wood-mill. Dimensions: 45cm x 41cm, depth 5.7cm.

Frame Moulding: 57mm x 25mm with 2 x 10mm rebates. Glazed with 3mm Perspex.  Un-painted Wood. Prices from £80.00 (Ebony or other finish p.o.a.)

Obeche Frame with board surfaces

Landscape Oil Painting on primed birch plywood.

A 40cm square of 4mm Birch Plywood is primed and sanded to give an excellent surface for the painting which is then fixed with a 4mm spacer to give the floating effect shown. The Obeche frame and birch backing are painted chalk white.

Obeche Frame and Backing Board supplied and fitted with your artwork prices from £47.00. Artwork will be supplied by you on suitable board, various medias possible.

Textile Artwork  by Sarah Hiscoke

This unique textile image is “set off” the backing invisibly giving the impression that it’s floating within the frame. The area behind the image is painted bright white and the surrounding background a neutral grey to achieve the required contrast.  The Glazed Obeche frame is painted chalk white.

Reverse Obeche Frame with your artwork fitted in the style can be made from £35.00 

The Above example is approx 70cm x 50cm and priced with artwork fitted is £105.00

Tray Frame for board or canvas

This example is an Acrylic Painting on MDF, however this works very well with canvasses too. Many artists like me allow paint to cover the sides of their work to good effect – a tray frame enhances this.

35mm deep Tray Frame (suitable for board or 20mm deep canvas) from £20.00 

50mm deep Tray Frame (The deeper profile will enhance your work to greater effect ) from £30.00

Glazed frames for prints are available from £25.00 with your printed artwork fitted.